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Chicago Cosmetic Dermatology Conditions Submental Fat (Double Chin)

Warts are benign skin growths that appear when the human papillomavirus (HPV) infects the top layer of the skin. Warts are contagious; the virus can be spread from skin to skin contact or by fomites (inanimate objects). Warts present as growths on top of the skin. They can be flat-topped, filiform, or rough and elevated. They can occur anywhere but are most common the hands and feet.

There are a variety of treatment modalities including destruction with liquid nitrogen/cryotherapy or topical acid-containing products. We can also stimulate your own immune system to fight the virus by injecting candida antigen or applying imiquimod. Refractory warts can be injected with bleomycin; this can be painful, however very effective.

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Submental Fat (Double Chin) Treatments