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Chicago Cosmetic Dermatology Treatments Asclera

Asclera (polidocanol) injection is a prescription medication that is used in a procedure called sclerotherapy to remove unwanted veins on your legs. It is administered to uncomplicated spider veins typically on the thighs and lower legs. Dr Lewitt recommends a consultation in the office prior to treating to assess any potential risks or contraindications prior to therapy. The procedure does not require anesthesia. Dr Lewitt uses numerous small injections to reduce or eliminate the spider veins

Post inflammatory pigment hyperpigmentation, recurrence of new spider veins, pain at the injection site, and there are rare risks of anaphylaxis (trouble breathing and edema of the throat) and blood clot

Dr Lewitt recommends wearing prescription strength compression stockings for 2-3 weeks after therapy. Oftentimes, patients prefer to have injections in the fall or winter as these stockings can be warm and uncomfortable in the summer.

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