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How do I take care of an area treated with liquid nitrogen/cryotherapy?


· Redness and swelling may occur within minutes of thawing.
· Avoid any trauma to the treated site.
· A clear blister or a blood blister may appear on the skin in the treated area within 12 to 48 hours.
· If the blister is painful, you may drain the blister using a sterile pin. To sterilize the pin, hold it over the flame of a match or wipe the tip with an alcohol-soaked cotton ball. Poke a hole in the blister and drain the fluid. Do not remove the skin of the blister; this blister acts as a bandage for the area.
· After 24 hours, clean the areas twice a day with mild soap and water. Pat dry and apply petroleum jelly with a cotton swab. The petroleum jelly will help keep the area moist, help prevent a scab from forming, and less the chance of infection. If you wish, you may cover the area with a bandage.

Notify your physician if you have:

Yellowish/greenish discharge from the treated area
Increasing tenderness or pain
Warmth of the area and/or fever over 101 F
Red streaks up the arm or leg close to the treated area

Please call us with any questions about your care.