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How do I treat my scabies?


· A bath is not necessary before applying lotion. If you do take a bath, wait half of an hour before applying cream or lotion.

· Apply a thin layer of cream or lotion on all skin from the neck down to toes. Be sure not to forget fingerwebs, armpits, and groin. All crevices and creases need to be covered. Use no more than 1 oz. to entire body.

· Leave cream on overnight (8-12 hours).

· Afterward, take a warm shower or bath to remove the cream. At the time of the shower, wash the clothing and bedding use in the previous three days in the hot cycle of the washer, dry well on high heat–as able.

· If you are unable to wash some bedding or clothing, place them in a big plastic bag and tie it closed. Do not open for a week; the mites do not live off of the body for more than a week.

· It is NOT necessary to treat couches, chairs, etc. with insecticides.

· Reapply the cream or lotion with these same instructions (as above) in one week. Be sure to keep your appointment with your physician.

· You may still have itching even after being treated.

Please call us with any questions about your care.