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Chicago Medical Dermatology Conditions Nevi (moles)

Moles or melanocytic nevi are benign brown spots that can increase on the body until about age 30. Over years, nevi can transition from flat spots to soft, fleshy growths. Sun exposure increases the number of moles in predisposed people. People with lighter complexions have a greater propensity to develop nevi. A patient should have his or her moles examined yearly by a dermatologist.


1. A – asymmetry
2. B – border irregularity
3. C – color change (the "ugly duckling")
4. D – diameter (bigger than a pencil eraser)
5. E – evolution of current nevi
6. F – feeling (itch, burn, bleed, hurt)

Often, only reassurance is necessary. Moles can be removed with shave or punch excisional biopsy.

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