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Chicago Medical Dermatology Conditions Rosacea/Acne Rosacea

Rosacea is a very common skin condition that most commonly affects light-skinned men and women. The main features include sensitivity to the sun, easy blushing, dilated blood vessels (telangiectasias), and diffuse redness of the cheeks, nose, chin, and/or forehead. Oftentimes, there are accompanying inflammatory papules and pustules known as acne rosacea. Rarely, long-standing rosacea can cause a bulbous thickening of the nose or chin known as phymatous changes or rhinophyma. Rosacea is exacerbated by direct sunlight, spicy foods, hot (temperature) foods, exercise, and caffeine.

1. Rosacea can affect the eyes, known as ocular rosacea. This is often described as a gritty or sand-like sensation. This variant usually requires oral therapy.

Sun avoidance/protection, UVA/B broad-spectrum suns screens. Additional treatments include: topical antibiotics, azeleic acid, anti-demodex mite directed therapy, topical sulfur washes, topical anti-inflammatory medications, medications that cause constriction of the dilated blood vessels, tetracycline-derivative oral antibiotics, and sometimes laser therapy.

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Rosacea/Acne Rosacea Treatments